Flesh, Blood and Heart: Becoming a Man of the Cove: CD set

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Christopher West answers the questions: "How does circumcision reveal the covenant of God and what is the connection between circumcision of the heart and circumcision of the flesh?  He frankly and honestly faces the issues of how to fight the battle to be a man of God and how to live the circumcision of the heart.  Quoting John Paul II he says, "The key for interpreting reality…[is that] original sin attempts to abolish fatherhood," and then he goes on to explain it.  As always, his insights are inspired by the theology of the body. 

"What does it mean to be a man?  Whether you're single, married or celibate, this talk will help you to plant your masculine identity on the solid rock of the Gospel.  It's powerful.  I would recommend it to every man!"                   – Fr. James Otto, Pennsylvania

2 CD set

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