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Fifteen Faces of God: A Quest to Know God Through the Parables of Jesus


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Fifteen Faces of God: A Quest to Know God Through the Parables of Jesus by Fr. Michael Manning

The parable, a short story told to impart a lesson to the listener, was the chief teaching tool of Jesus Christ. In this delightful and inspirational book, author Michael Manning, the TV host of The Word in the World, takes readers on a journey through fifteen of the most beloved parables from the New Testament, in order to enlighten the many different ways seekers can understand God’s presence in their daily lives.
   From the parable of the talents to the stories of the wedding feast and the Good Samaritan, Manning shows us that God has many faces to meet the diverse challenges we all experience. Certainly God can be seen as a parent or an authority figure, but as the parables demonstrate, God is also a humble servant, a conversationalist, a friend, a risk taker, and an optimist, to name just a few. Knowing this and experiencing God’s many faces can dramatically change your life forever.
   In our fast-paced, hectic society, Manning’s practical guide for walking a spiritual path is an illuminating, multidimensional work that will help readers to slow down, stop, look, listen, and gaze upon the beautiful faces of God and all his creation.

Rev. Michael Manning is a Catholic priest who has served as high school teacher, vocation director, provincial, prison chaplain, and pastor. He is a popular speaker at parish missions, conventions, and international retreats and is the founder and president of Wordnet Productions. His program, The Word in the World, is seen weekly on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. He is also the host of the daily iPhone app commissioned by the Vatican Observatory Foundation, Daily Sermonettes. Each sermonette is a five minute video with scripture teachings and commentary from Michael Manning. To learn more about this app visit To learn more about Michael Manning, visit

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