The Fathers Know Best


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What Did Early Christians Really Believe?
The Answer Will Surprise and Amaze You!
We are particularly blessed by this release of Jimmy Akin’s superbly compiled synopsis of the writings of the early Church Fathers. There are other works, but Akin’s finely selected and categorized collection provides a far more accessible introduction to the early Christians
Marcus Grodi, President of The Coming Home Network and host of EWTN’s The Journey Home.
The Fathers Know Best: Your Essential Guide to the Teachings of the Early Church is a unique resource. It introduces you to the teachings of the first Christians in a way no other work can. It is specially designed to make it easy for you to find the information you want and need. Amazing features in this fact-packed book include:
– More than 900 quotations from the writings of the early Church Fathers, as well as from rare and important documents dating back to the dawn of Christian history.
– Mini-biographies of nearly 100 Fathers, as well as descriptions of dozens of key early councils and writings.
– A concise history of the dramatic spread of Christianity after Jesus told his disciples to evangelize all nations.
– Special maps showing you where the Fathers lived, including many little-known and long-vanished locations.
– A guide to nearly 30 ancient heresies, many of which have returned to haunt the modern world.
– The Fathers’ teaching on nearly 50 topics, including modern hot-button issues like abortion, homosexuality, and divorce.
This groundbreaking work presents the teachings of the early Christians in a way unlike any other book. It flings open the doors of the crucial but little-known age covering the birth of Christianity and the triumphant march of the gospel throughout the ancient world.
Table of Contents:
Foreword by Marcus Grodi
I. Introduction

About This Book
About the Fathers

II. The World of the Fathers
The World at a Glance
“My Witness in Jerusalem”
The Second Holy Land
Greece and Rome
The Far West
North Africa

III. Ad Fontes! – “To the Sources!”
Know Your Fathers
Know Your Councils
Know Your Writings
Know Your Heresies


IV. God
The One True God
God Has No Body
The Trinity
The Three Persons of the Trinity
The Divinity of Christ
The Eternal Sonship of Christ

V. Creation
Creation out of Nothing
Creation and Genesis
VI. The Sources of Faith
The Canon of Scripture
Apostolic Tradition

VII. The Church and the Pope
The Catholic Church
Apostolic Succession
Peter the Rock
Peter’s Primacy
Peter in Rome
Peter’s Successors
The Authority of the Pope

VIII. Morality
Mortal Sin
Contraception and Sterilization

IX. Sacraments and Worship
Baptism as a Means of Grace
Baptismal Regeneration
The Necessity of Baptism
Trinitarian Baptism
Infant Baptism
The Real Presence
The Sacrifice of the Mass
Bishop, Priest, and Deacon
Women Priests?
The Permanence of Marriage
Sabbath or Sunday?

X. Mary, the Saints, the Miraculous
Mary, Full of Grace
Mary, Mother of God
Mary, Ever Virgin
Intercession of the Saints
Ongoing Miracles
Private Revelation

XI. The Last Things
Salvation Outside the Church
Reward and Merit
The Resurrection of the Body
The Antichrist

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