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The Father Kino Story: Padre on Horseback

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This is a true account of the legendary 'Padre On Horseback', Father Eusebio Francisco Kino, a Jesuit missionary who was dedicated to helping the lives of the natives of New Spain. An explorer, builder of missions. Kino opened the centuries-old irrigation canals, long abandoned by the Hohokam indians, bringing water to the parched desert lands, making possiblethe growing of grain and vegetables for the natives and their animals.

Kino established 24 missions, seven of which are in the state of Arizona, A statue of Father Kino now stands in our nation's capitol Rotunda,

Kino was also a noted cartographer, drawing maps of the areas he traveled. He was the first to prove that Baja was not an island, as Sir Francis Drake claimed, but a peninsula.

While on the Pacific shore Kino found a sea shell and he carried it with him on all his journeys…and it became the key to his greatest discovery.


Richard Egan, Ricardo Montalban, Cesar Romero, Victor Jory, John Ireland, Michael Ahsara, John -Russell, Stephen McNally, Keenan Wynn, Anthony Caruso, Joe Campannela, Aldo Ray, Rory Calhoun, Henry Brandon, and the voice of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

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