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While at first glance this book may seem like it is only geared toward business owners or managers – don't be fooled! Written as a novel (not a manual or dry educational book) this story is one you will not be able to put down. Truly inspiring, you will want to implement the Dream Manager mentality into your own life before you are half-way through the book. It will teach you how to identify your dreams and then to make a plan that will change your dream to reality. You will start to see yourself, your family members, your co-workers and your friends in a refreshing new way. When was the last time you asked yourself, "What are my dreams?"

The Dream Manager is a remarkable novel. The secret revealed within this story unveils the very core of what drives us as human beings not only in our work but also in every area of our lives. So whether you are the CEO of a large corporation or the leader of a small department, the principal of a school or a football coach, a parent struggling with the dynamics of teamwork within your family or an employee just looking to make sense of the work you do everyday… you are about to discover something that will change your life forever. Learn how to dream again!

"We become our dreams. You tell me what your dreams are and I'll tell you what sort of a person you are. Your dreams tell me not only what sort of a person you are today, but also what sort of a person you aspire to be in the tomorrows of your life…Helping people chase and fulfill their dreams is one of the primary functions of all relationships, and this is true whether that relationship is between husband and wife, parent and child, or employer and employee." (excerpt from The Dream Manager by Matthew Kelly)

Book Review:

The business statistics are astounding: high percentages of detached, ready-to-exit employees; soon-to-occur vacancies among top executive and middle-manager ranks; and a growing chasm between employees and the organizations they work for. From Gallup to corporate human resources gurus, myriad solutions have been proposed. Yet Matthew Kelly, consultant and author (The Rhythm of Life, 1999; The Seven Levels of Intimacy, 2005, among others), proffers an idea that seems simple to implement. His philosophy is that organizations can only become best versions of themselves if their employees can realize that same opportunity. Center stage is the Dream Manager, an individual (or group) devoted to helping workers achieve personal life goals. His fictional parable plays out the story of Admiral Janitorial Services, a cleaning company plagued with extraordinarily high turnover. Presto digito! Within months of hiring a Dream Manager, employees stayed. Profits increased—and customers clamored for information. It is true that the pursuit of dreams "creates passion, energy, enthusiasm, and vitality." It is also true that, without solid proof, few businesses will explore this avenue.

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