The Diocesan Priest: Consecrated and Sent


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In a robust and engaging manner, Msgr. David Bohr offers us a thorough review and timely reanalysis of the Catholic diocesan priesthood. Biblical, historical, and sacramental voices dialogue with the relevant documents of the Second Vatican Council, other papal pronouncements, and the perspectives of some of the major commentators on the state of the Catholic priesthood today. Clergy and laity alike will find in Bohr’s models of priestly ministry and the topics of consecration, mission, and celibacy a flash point reigniting the discussion of the past, present, and future of the Catholic diocesan priesthood.

Monsignor David Bohr is currently pastor of St. Peter's Cathedral, Scranton, PA. He formerly served as diocesan director of continuing education of priests (1977–89); rector of St. Pius X Seminary, Dalton, PA (1990–2004); and academic dean of the North American College, Rome (2004–07). He also taught theology part time at the University of Scranton and the Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome. Ordained a priest for the Diocese of Scranton in 1971, he received an STL in dogmatic theology from the Gregorian University and a doctorate in moral theology, summa cum laude, in 1977 from the Academia Alfonsiana, Rome, Italy. Previous publications include Evangelization in America and Catholic Moral Tradition.

"The Diocesan Priest: Consecrated and Sent provides a thorough presentation of the historical and theological dimensions of the Catholic priesthood and is a welcome and valuable resource for anyone interested in understanding more profoundly what it means to be a priest. This study should certainly be part of any seminary formation program. Monsignor David Bohr clearly exhibits not only his expertise on the subject but also his devotion to the formation of priests from his many years as a faculty member and seminary rector."
-Most Reverend Donald W. Wuerl, STD, Archbishop of Washington
"Monsignor Bohr’s years of work in priestly formation are evident in his description of the actual concerns of an often divided American presbyterate. He argues for a reappraisal of what diocesan priests are after demonstrating, with a rich historical sweep, what diocesan priests are not: not monks, not specially trained laypersons, not a merely cultic functionaries, but men indelibly deputed to build up communion within the priestly people of God. Tradition teaches that diocesan priests first of all proclaim the Good News of reconciliation. Humble and solicitous like the Good Shepherd, priests seek out both those who know Christ’s voice and those who have yet to hear it, and theirs, Bohr notes, is the first word in the history of Christianity: ‘Rejoice! Then they celebrate that Word become flesh together with their people, empowering them to move from missa to mission.’ Bohr notes that celibate priests should learn to enjoy communion in their own lives as well, cultivating the affective maturity that enables them to imitate Christ who engaged in ‘preferential friendships’ with Mary, Martha, Lazarus, and the disciple who rested his head on the Lord’s chest at the Last Supper. This book would be a good companion on any priest’s retreat."
-Fr. Robert Christian, OP, Angelicum University, Rome, Italy
"Msgr. Bohr's wisdom, gained during many years of experience in seminary formation, brings to life the historical and theological research contained in this important work. Informative and well-written, this book will be of great help to seminarians, priests, seminary formation personnel, and all those seeking a deeper understanding of and love for the diocesan priesthood."
-Rev. Richard J. Gabuzda, Executive Director, The Institute for Priestly Formation
"With a compelling blend of practical insight and serious theological reflection upon the developing understanding of the ministerial priesthood from its Apostolic roots in the New Testament, Monsignor David Bohr has used his own twenty years of experience in priestly formation to produce a praiseworthy study of what Pope John Paul II described as the 'gift and mystery' of diocesan priesthood. Each chapter of this work reveals Monsignor Bohr’s profound love for and understanding of priestly office and priestly men. A book of this kind promotes authentic, sound, and solid doctrine in an effort to advance a theological study of diocesan priests ordained to be co-sharers with the bishops in continuing the apostolic mission of preaching, sanctifying, and shepherding Christ’s flock. Monsignor Bohr has provided a rich and detailed theological reflection that should prove to be of special interest to all those involved in priestly formation."
-Monsignor Aloysius R. Callaghan, Rector and Vice President, The Saint Paul Seminary School of Divinity of the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota
"Msgr. Bohr has truly done a great favor for all seminarians and priests in writing The Diocesan Priest: Consecrated and Sent. Msgr. Bohr provides a theological reflection that is well grounded in the Biblical text, while being deeply attentive to the historical development of the Church’s understanding of the diocesan priesthood. This book will be a great help for priests and seminarians trying to understand the priesthood as it is experienced in the years following the Second Vatican Council. In particular, Msgr. Bohr provides a profound theological reflection on the particular charism of the diocesan priest as it is lived out in relation to the baptismal priesthood of the lay faithful and their mission in the world. The theological insight of The Diocesan Priest: Consecrated and Sent is certainly the fruit of Msgr. Bohr’s extensive experience of the diocesan priesthood. It is a book that is most relevant for the Church of today."
-Philip A. Smith, Seminarian, Diocese of Toledo in America, Pontifical North American College, Europe
"Monsignor David Bohr has written a scholarly and enjoyable work concerning the diocesan priesthood. Relying on his experience as a seminary rector and diocesan director of pastoral formation in his home diocese of Scranton and his formidable experience as Academic Dean at the North American College in Rome, Monsignor Bohr writes with academic style and grace. He has produced a book that is packed with pertinent, factual, and relevant material for priests, those contemplating priesthood, and for all those interested in the history, development, and current situation concerning the diocesan priesthood. A great read."
-Most Reverend William Patrick Callahan, OFM Conv, Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee
"Father David Bohr's rich experience as a priest, a theologian, and a priestly formator clearly shines through the pages of his latest book, The Diocesan Priest: Consecrated and Sent. His insights will be a blessing to so many of us who wish the unique charism that is ou

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