Did Adam & Eve Have Belly Buttons?: And 199 Other Questions From Catholic Teenagers


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With more than 110,000 copies sold, Did Adam & Eve Have Belly Buttons? is the number one book for Catholic teens. It offers today’s young Catholic 200 clear and insightful answers to questions about the Catholic faith. This book captures the attention of teens by directly addressing their concerns, misconceptions, and challenges. The revised edition adds over 500 Bible and 800 Catechism references, and has the Imprimatur.


"This book has very good questions and straight anwers. Anyone having questions about the Catholic faith would find this book very helpful. Young and old can learn something from this book." – Emma Jean Adams

"Matthew Pinto’s “Did Adam & Eve Have Belly Buttons?” is a terrific way for teens to learn the Faith in bite-sized morsels. Covering everything from Sacraments to the Creed, he provides straightforward answers to a range of questions. The book contains Catholic Truth, not the “Catholic Lite” one may find elsewhere. Buy the book. “Did Adam & Eve Have Belly Buttons” is an excellent Confirmation gift. But you might consider reading it yourself first—you’ll be surprised by what you learn." – Rich Leonardi, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Catholics that read this book can better defend their faith and people from other religions who read this book will better understand what Catholics believe. This book is well written and easy to understand. You can skip around or read from beginning to end like me. Either way you won’t be able to put this book down!" – Rosario Resendez

"This book is an excellent reference for anyone who has questions about the Catholic faith. It deals with a wide range of topics, including a few which are usually not mentioned in Catholic books, or which many well-meaning Catholics may have mistaken ideas about. Although the title may seem a bit silly (but a good question), I highly recommend this book as a book to look up questions on the Catholic faith. Also, although the questions are asked by teenagers, I think that adults, too, can benefit from this book." – Matthew P. Whitehead

"I am a youth minister, and I gave this book as a gift on our Confirmation retreat last year. I handed it out as we were waiting for the bus to arrive so we could head home. I was packing the rest of our materials, and I noticed something I had not heard the whole weekend: the entire room was quiet! I went to see what they were doing, and they were all spread out, reading this book! Most of them finished it within a few weeks of the retreat and started lending it to their friends. Of course, I am getting it again for this year’s retreat!" – Anonymous

"Standing in front of kids teaching religious ed, I’ve had kids pose these very questions and to have this as a reference is an incredible help. This year I am teaching 9th graders and I pick a question that corresponds to what we are doing. It keeps kids engaged and thinking and they have told me they discuss these questions at lunch in their public high school. Now that’s evangelizing – way to go Mr. Pinto!" – Debbie Hill, Bridgewater, MA


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