A Dictionary of the Psalter


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A Dictionary of the Psalter –
Containing the Vocabulary
of the Psalms, Hymns, Canticles, and Miscellaneous Prayers of the Breviary Psalter

By Fr. Matthew Britt, OSB

This book was originally printed in 1928. We are proud to make this classical reference work available once again! Whether you pray the Psalter in the context of the Divine Office, or just like to pray the Psalms apart from the breviary, you won’t want to be without this invaluable book.




Covering such preliminary topics as “English Catholic Version of the Psalter”, “Latin Versions of the Psalter”, “The Latinity of the Vulgate Psalter”, and “How the Psalms are Numbered”, true to form, the Dictionary goes on to define and decline each Latin word used, its English parallel, derivative, and cites where the word was used and its context.

Republished as close as possible to the original, this elegant book is made not only to look great, but durable to last for years of use to come.




Get more out the Psalms by understanding what they mean.