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Anyone with a basic knowledge of Latin knows of the need for an up to date ecclesiastical dictionary of the Church's lingua materna. Here it is. Seventeen thousand definitions make up this concise hardbound corpus of ecclesiastical vocabulary. This dictionary will be an invaluable aid not only for the clergy, but for the faithful who cherish the Roman Liturgy and the beautiful hymns of old. The Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Latin carries the enthusiastic endorsement of Archbishop Raymond L. Burke of Saint Louis.


Leo Stelton

Leo Stelten has put to use his years of experience teaching Latin in compiling this concise reference book. The Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Latin includes approximately 17,000 words with the common meanings of Latin terms found in Church writings. Entries cover Scripture, Canon Law, the Liturgy, Vatican 11, the early church fathers, and theological terms. This volume will prove to be an invaluable resource for theological students, as well as for those seeking to improve their knowledge of ecclesiastical Latin. An appendix also provides descriptions of ecclesiastical structures and explains technical terms from ecclesiastical law. The Dictionary has already been widely praised for its serviceability and indispensability in both academic and Church settings.

"For seminarians studying for the priesthood, the Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Latin by Leo F Stelten will be helpful for examining Vatican documents in the' original language, papal encyclicals and allocutions, publications on Church liturgy, and Canon Law volumes. This product o yearn of teaching, now updated, will also be a happy resource in chanceries as well. The format is easy to follow and the vocabulary of some 17,000 and phrases is quite adequate."

– Reverend Joseph E Downey, S.J.

Editorial Director, Loyola University Press, Chicago, Illinois

"A working knowledge of Latin is important for anyone who wishes to study the nearly two thousand years of living tradition of the Catholic Church. It is essential for those who wish to study seriously the sacred sciences of philosophy, theology, and canon law. Father Leo Stelten, drawing upon his long experiences in teaching Latin to students for the priesthood, has developed in his Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Latin a most helpful tool both for those who are beginning their study of the Church's lingua materna, as well as for those who are working to renew and improve their knowledge of Church Latin. "

– Monsignor Raymond L. Burke

Supremum Signaturae Apostolicae Tribunal, Vatican City. Rome

LEO F. STELTEN is Professor of Classical, Languages at Pontifical College Josephinum in Columbus, Ohio.

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