Delivered From Evil: Jesus' Victory Over Satan


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Delivered From Evil: Jesus' Victory Over Satan by Sr. Anne Field O.S.B.

Jesus tells us in the Gospel of Luke that he has overcome "the strong man," Satan, attacking and defeating humanity's ancient enemy. We are equipped to share in this victory provided we are careful "not to let the old enemy deceive us again," Saint Leo tells us in this lively translation of his sermons. His dazzling description of the action of God in Jesus, and his compassionate, encouraging advice to each of us—"What mighty weapons the Lord has provided for us! We have tremendous grounds for confidence"—strengthen us for successful Christian living.

Leo the Great has been honored for over a thousand years as a Father of the Church. His teaching helped shape the basic beliefs that remain central to Christian faith. This remarkable collection of readings brings Leo's voice directly to bear on the spiritual concerns of modern Christians. Ultimately, he tells us, "By freely surrendering our lives to the Lord we secure a peace with God that nothing can destroy."

Delivered from Evil is an ideal book for daily reading, meditation and prayer. A Servant Book.