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Defeating Darwinism: By Opening Minds


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Phillip Johnson

Phillip Johnson has created a masterpiece: an easy way to understand the basic issues of evolution without oversimplifying the debate.

Johnson says the key to defeating the false claims of Darwinism is to open our minds to good thinking habits. He gives first-rate advice on avoiding common mistakes in discussions about evolution, understanding the legacy of the Scopes trial, spotting deceptive arguments, and grasping the basic scientific issues without getting bogged down in unnecessary details.

The goal of this book is to give a good high school education in how to think about evolution. It's for high-schoolers, college students, parents, teachers, youth workers, homeschoolers, pastors, and also scientists whose education didn't encourage them to take a skeptical look at the claims of Darwinian theory. There isn't much scientific detail in this book, or much advanced philosophy. It's just an easy-to-understand guidebook to the basic info you need to defeat the arguments of Darwinism.

As this book's title indicates, understanding evolution is mainly a matter of opening minds, of freeing people to think about it as they would other important subjects. All it really takes is precise definitions and good thinking habits. The skills you'll develop in learning to understand evolution will come in handy for a lot of other subjects as well!

What people are saying about Defeating Darwinism:

Quickly cutting through the technical brush, Johnson goes straight to the logical foundations of the controversy and exposes the fallacies propping up the decaying edifice of Darwinism.
– Michael Behe, author, Darwin's Black Box

Johnson's brilliant analysis shows how Darwinist assumptions underlie current controversies in ethics, law, education and public policy.
– Charles Colson

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