Dear Newlyweds: Pope Pius XII Speaks to Married Couples


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Pope Pius XII Speaks to Married Couples

In his time, the world knew Pope Pius XII for his sanctity, his solicitude for humanity, his unflagging efforts for genuine world peace, his remarkable gifts of Catholic diplomacy, language and letters.

But there was another and strongly different side to this holy Pope who found time to address in audience scores of young newlyweds who came to seek his papal benediction on their marriages.  This is the Pius XII who is revealed in these pages.

This is a book which should be placed in the hands of every newly-married couple.  It is a book to read and ponder over, cherish and be guided by, all through married life.  Newlyweds will be inspired and uplifted by the beauty of the Holy Father's explanation of the Sacrament; older couples will be touched and amazed at his insight into the practical problems of everyday marriage.

Dear Newlyweds is a book to turn to again and again as the joys of marriage are savored.  At the same time, it is a sure guide as new difficulties arise–problems of discipline in the rearing of children, temptations against fidelity, relationships with elderly parents, even the problems involved in the temporary separtions of husbands and wives too often made necessary by the modern-day work world.

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