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Darwin on Trial: 2nd Edition


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Phillip Johnson

The controversial book that rocked the scientific establishment!

Why? It shows that the theory of evolution is based not on fact but on faith – faith in philosophical naturalism.  Philip Johnson argues courageously that there is simply no vast body of empirical data supporting the theory.

In this edition Johnson responds to the critics of the first edition, including Stephen Jay Gould, and also expands the material in chapter five.

With the intrigue of a mystery and the gripping detail of a court trial, Johnson takes readers through the evidence with the lawyer's skill he learned as a Berkeley professor of law specializing in the logic of arguments.

In clear, concise chapters, Johnson offers a casual, reasoned and scientifically sound evaluation of the support for Darwinism–from fossil records to molecular biology. In a new afterword, he responds to his critics and their arguments.

"Unquestionably the best critique of Darwinism I have ever read." -Michael Denton, author of Evolution: A Theory in Crisis

"Shows just  how Darwinian evolution has become an idol." -Alvin Plantinga, University of Notre Dame

"Calm, comprehensive and compellingly persuasive." –Richard John Neuhaus, former editor-in-chief, First Things

Table of Contents:

Preface to the Second Edition
The Legal Setting
Natural Selection
Mutations Great and Small
The Fossil Problem
The Fact of Evolution
The Vertebrate Sequence
The Molecular Evidence
Prebiological Evolution
The Rules of Science
Dawinist Religion
Darwinist Education
Science and Pseudoscience
The Book and Its Critics
Research Notes

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