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The Navarre Bible:  Corinthians

The Navarre Bible, an edition of Sacred Scripture prepared by members of the Faculty of Theology of Navarre University, consists of the New Vulgate, the Revised Standard Version, and commentaries. The commentaries provide explanations of the doctrinal and practical meaning of the scriptural text, drawing on a rich variety of sources-Church documents, the exegesis of Fathers and Doctors, and the works of prominent spiritual writers, particularly the Venerable J. Escriva, who initiated the Navarre Bible project.

"We heartily and strongly recommend this splendid volume [St Mark]. It is just what so many have been waiting for"
– Wm. G. Most, Homiletic & Pastoral Review.

"It has appeal for the specialist as well as general readership, as much of the commentary consists of a selection of the most interesting observations from two thousand years of scholarship"
– Catholic WeeklyN.S.W.,

"This [Acts] is a superb volume for adult Bible study as well as college and university work; most helpful, enlightening and fascinating"
– David Liptak, Catholic Transcript, Hartford, Conn.

"What I find most useful in this edition is its attitude to Scripture. The Gospels are presented unambiguously as the inspired work of God and, with the help of the commentaries, we are introduced to two thousand years of contemplative Christian reading and living of the sacred word. This edition is both prayerful and, in the true sense of the word, scholarly"
– Andrew Byrne, Osservatore Romano (English edition).

"It is refreshing to come across a non-technical commentary which … seeks to expound the Word of God according to the accumulated wisdom of the Church. Most people desiring to understand better the scriptures are looking for something that will deepen their reverence for the Word of God, help them apply it to their daily lives, and move them to prayer"
– Stephen Langridge, Faith Magazine.



  • Maps
  • Preface and Preliminary Notes
  • Abbreviations
  • Introduction to Paul's Letters to the Corinthians
    • The city of Corinth
    • The church of Corinth
  • Introduction to the First Letter to the Corinthians
    • Immediate background
    • Content
    • The Church
    • The Eucharist
    • The resurrection of the dead
    • The resurrection of Christ
    • The resurrection of Christ, the basis of our faith
    • The resurrection of Christ, the cause of our resurrection
    • The form our resurrection will take
  • The First Letter of Paul to the Corinthians:  English version, with notes
  • Introduction to the Second Letter to the Corinthians
    • The reason for the letter
    • Content
    • Authenticity and integrity
    • The apostolic ministry
  • The Second Letter of Paul to the Corinthians:  English version, with notes
  • New Vulgate Text
  • Explanatory Notes
  • Headings added to the Biblical Text
  • Sources quoted in the Commentary



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