Confessions of an Ex-Feminist


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Lorraine Murray’s Confessions are a revelation. They reveal the nasty truth behind women’s “liberation”. Her experiences, and the lessons she learns from them, serve as a timely warning of the folly of feminism and the destructive impact that feminism has on those who fall under its malignant spell.
– Joseph Pearce, author The Quest for Shakespeare

"Confessions of an Ex-Feminist is the gripping story of millions of women who lost their religious and intellectual anchors during the tsunami of the fatal sixties and seventies. It is a movingly honest confession of how pride, arrogance, immaturity, ambition, craving to be “liberated”, blinds the female soul. Abortion kills babies and wounds a woman’s soul to its very core. But a prodigal daughter found her way back home, crushed by guilt, driven by repentance, and discovers that God’s mercy is boundless. She is now given the crucial mission of shouting on roof’s tops: feminism is the arch enemy of women. This book should become a vade mecum of young girls".
– Dr. Alice von Hildebrand, author The Privilege of Being a Woman

"Lorraine Murray’s absorbing and poignant book traces her passage from the heart of the Catholic Church to the epicenter of the sexual revolution and back again. With candor, humor and a knack for storytelling, Murray reveals the mysterious ways God worked in her soul and leaves readers richer for having shared her journey."
– Colleen Carroll Campbell, St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist, host of EWTN’s “Faith & Culture,” former White House speechwriter and author of The New Faithful: Why Young Adults Are Embracing Christian Orthodoxy