Companion to the Calendar: 2nd Edition


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Whether used in the home or the classroom, this book is a superb resource about saints and special days for children and adults alike. Who was St. Romuald? What is Las Posadas? Why do we celebrate Mother's Day? You'll find answers to all sorts of ?who? and ?what? and ?why? questions and an amazing variety of information about how these people and days hold meaning for our lives today. 

Companion to the Calendar, Second Edition has been revised to include the additional saints added to the proper calendar for the dioceses of the United States of America.  While still including biographical information about the saints that are celebrated on the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar in the dioceses of the United States, the theological meaning of the various liturgical seasons, and explanations of secular days and Jewish and Muslim feasts, this Second Edition has also been revised to include additional Catholic days such as Marian and sanctoral observances, devotions from particular cultures (Hispanic, Vietnamese, etc), and other observances such as Catholic Schools Week and the World Day of the Sick. 

Use this book in conjunction with the Year of Grace Liturgical Calendar. A list of suggested readings, a bibliography and a bibliography are included.

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