Clerical 1 1/2 inch Neckband Collar


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Clergy Collars and Studs
Set of two 1 1/2” tall Clericool III clerical collars and 4 collar studs (2 short shank and 2 long). These soft and pliable clergy collars have a perforated inner band for increased air circulation. Ready to ship the next business day.


  • Each collar is fashioned from white linen-textured polyethylene for lasting style and durability
  • Collars have reinforced buttonholes at each end for longer life
  • Collars are hand washable with soap and water
  • Collars are 1 1/2” tall and attach to clergy shirts with shank collar button/studs
  • 4 gold finish metal collar studs are included (2 sets)
  • We recommend ordering collars ½ size larger than shirt size.