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Christ the King Lord of History: A Catholic World History from Ancient to Modern Times


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Here is a fast-paced, enjoyable, highly readable and fascinatingly interesting Catholic world history that is in great demand for high-school students-and makes excellent, informative reading for adults too! It covers largely Western world history since the coming of Christ-and all from a Catholic viewpoint. The book just flows and flows, recounting episode after interesting episode of our glorious history and covering one captivating historical personage after another.

Unabashedly proud of our brilliant Catholic heritage, Christ the King-Lord of History examines all historical developments from the point of view of the Church and the enhancement or decline of the influence of the Recounted are the stories of scores of great heroes and heroines throughout history, along with historic Saints of the Church, famous villains and characters of every stripe. Here is a book a person just cannot stop reading!

Whereas most secular histories written today give but grudging acknowledgment to the role of the Catholic Church in forming Western (and therefore much of modern) civilization, this book makes the contribution of Christ and His Church the central aspect of ALL history-which indeed it is! In truth the Catholic Church is the pre-eminent player in all of history, and Christ the King-Lord of History pays homage to this fact. A great book for students, for parents, for history buffs and for all Catholic adults who want a good overview of world history that shows the tremendous influence of the Catholic Church upon the last 2,000 years!

Now available:  Christ the King Lord of History Workbook and Study Guide, with Answer Key  (SKU-1548)

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