Christ and the Americas


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Christ and the Americas is the long-awaited high school American history text by the author of Christ the King-Lord of History. It fills a great void because it gives proper attention to and appreciation for the role of the Catholic Church in American history. Beginning before Columbus and concluding with the 1990's, this book covers the vast panoply of American history in a fast-paced yet thorough, and always interesting, manner. Because of its scores of amazing insights and penetrating analyses-not found in other books-it renders history really understandable-and makes it really come alive. With study questions at the end of each chapter, this book can be used as a traditional textbook or just read for enjoyment and information.


The fruit of Mrs. Carroll's many years of teaching high school history, this book covers both U.S. and Central and South American history in an effortless yet effective blending. Each era of U.S. history gets its own in-depth coverage, and significant episodes of American Catholic history are also interwoven.

Parents have been looking for this book for a long time; students will come away from it with a proper sense of who we are and of what America owes to the Catholic Church; and there is no adult Catholic who will not be enthralled by and benefit immensely from a reading of this multi-faceted book!

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