Child's Bible History


The 67 brief chapters of Child's Bible History introduce the young student to the most famous persons, places and events in Sacred Scripture.  Used by one large and successful Catholic home study school as a 4th grade religion text, this compact little book is also appropriate for older readers, either as a main text for religion class or as supplementary reading.

Child's Bible History features 43 classic woodcut illustrations to help fix the stories in the students' memory – plus Study Questions at the end of each chapter.  Its traditional Scriptural wording – based on the Douay-Rheims Bible – teaches respect for the word of God and puts the student in touch with the Church's classic Scriptural traditions.

With this small but powerful book, Bishop Knecht has introduced Catholic students to the greatest events of the Catholic Faith.  He has provided them with a fundamental background in Sacred Scripture that will enrich them both now and for the rest of their lives!






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