Chant: Music for the Soul


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"It’s a pretty safe bet that very few of Universal Music’s recent signings count Pope Benedict XVI among their fans. But the pontiff is a definite admirer of the latest boys in the hood(s) to sign globally to Universal Classics"  – from Billboard Magazine


The smash hit CD from the Trappist Monks of Abbey Stift Heiligenkreuz!

It’s a now well-known story: earlier this year Universal UK placed ads in various religious publications encouraging monks and sacred singers to submit demos for consideration of a major recording contract. Word reached the monks of the Cistercian Abbey Stift Heiligenkreuz in Vienna, who applied via a clip they had posted on YouTube. With their rich and evocative sound The Monks were the easy favorites. It helped that Pope Benedict XVI has declared this to be one of his favorite monasteries. Suddenly these very modern Monks were poised to become an overnight sensation, seized on by widespread international media.

The Monks’ repertoire, Chant, is the most peaceful music imaginable. Chant: Music for the Soul, is the ultimate in relaxation and stress relief – the perfect antidote to our fast-moving modern world. Chant has proven to heal, calm and also give strength; its power is timeless and universal. Previous albums of Chant have sold in the tens of millions. Further fueling the huge general demand is Chant’s use in the smash-hit computer game Halo – this is chant for a new computer-gaming generation.

Track Listing and running time –

1. Antiphon "In Paradisum" et Psalmus 121 (122) 4:28   
   2. Responsorium "Subvenite" 2:29   
   3. Responsorium "Libera Me" 4:27   
   4. Stift Heiligenkreuz Bells 1:36   
   5. Missa pro defunctis: Introitus "Requiem aeternam" 2:00   
   6. Missa pro defunctis: Kyrie 1:38   
   7. Missa pro defunctis: Graduale "Requiem aeternam" 2:40   
   8. Missa pro defunctis: Tractus "Absolve Domine" 2:10  
   9. Missa pro defunctis: Offertorium "Domine Iesu Christe" 3:40   
 10. Missa pro defunctis: Sanctus 0:46   
 11. Missa pro defunctis: Post Elevationem: "Pie Iesu Domine" 0:50   
 12. Missa pro defunctis: Agnus Dei 0:44 $0.45  
 13. Missa pro defunctis: Communio "Lux aeterna" 1:08   
 14. Ad Completorium: Deus in adiutorium 0:49   
 15. Ad Completorium: Hymnus "Te lucis ante terminum" 1:24   
 16. Ad Completorium: Psalmus 4 2:33   
 17. Ad Completorium: Psalmus 90 (91) 3:46   
 18. Ad Completorium: Pslamus 133 1:12   
 19. Ad Completorium: Lectio brevis 0:27  
 20. Ad Completorium: Responsorium breve 0:40  
 21. Ad Completorium: Canticum Simeonis "Nunc dimittis" 2:18   
 22. Ad Completorium: Kyrie 0:12   
 23. Ad Completorium: Oratio conclusive 0:48  
 24. Ad Completorium: Antiphona ad Beatam Mariam Virginem "Salve Regina" 2:47  
 25. Ad Completorium: Benedictio 0:19   
 26. Stift Heiligenkreuz Bells 1:00   
 27. Hymnus "Veni Creator Spiritus" 2:32  
 28. Introitus Dominica Pentecostes "Spiritus Domini" 2:38 
 29. Communio Dominica Pentecostes "Factus est repente" 1:17

Reviews –

“The musical structure of chanting can have a significant and positive physiological impact … studies also demonstrate that such practices have been shown to lower blood pressure, increase levels of the performance hormone DHEA as well as reducing anxiety and depression.”
– Dr. Alan Watkins, Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience at Imperial College London

“When the Monks sing, the chant opens our hearts. We hope it purifies our souls and helps us regain clarity, light, strength and peace. Where there is chaos, we seek to restore order. Where there is emptiness, we try and find meaning. And where there is sadness, joy can return.”
– Gregor Henckel Donnersmarck, Abbot of the Cistercian Abbey Stift Heiligenkreuz