Catholicism & Ethics: A Medical/Moral Handbook


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Catholicism and Ethics: A Medical/Moral Handbook
Rev. Edward J. Hayes, Rev. Msgr. Paul J. Hayes, Dorothy Ellen Kelly, R.N., James J. Drummey

Is it morally permissible to do everything that is scientifically possible? This is one of the most important questions of the day as advances in medical science and technology have made a reality of things that were only in the realm of science fiction a short time ago.

Catholicism and Ethics takes up such controversial matters as artificial insemina-tion, cloning, fertility testing, organ donations, plastic surgery, surrogate motherhood, "test tube" babies, and tissue transplants, and applies Christian moral princi-ples to these matters. The book also addresses the issues of abortion. AIDS, alcoholism and drug addic-tion, artificial nutrition/hydration, contraception, the use of ordinary vs. extraordinary means. euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide, hypnosis, natural family planning and sterilization.

But before getting into these specific actions, Catholicism and Ethics lays some vital moral ground-work. The first half of the book covers such topics as the nature of ethics and morality, factors affecting the morality of human acts, formation of a correct conscience, the twofold or double effect principle, cooperation in evil, and moral guides and maxims.

In setting forth Christian moral principles, the authors rely heavily on the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, and particularly on the writings of Pope Pius XII and Pope John Paul II, as well as on the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the documents of Vatican congregations.

"Catholicism and Ethics," says Fr. Paul Marx of Human Life International. "belongs in every home, rectory, classroom. doctor's or counselor's office, and hospital, as well as every pro-lifer's library. It's an outstanding guide anywhere you need solid, concise teaching on what's right and what's wrong."



Part I: Basic Principles of Ethics and Morality

Chapter 1: The Nature of Ethics and Morality
Ethics and moral theology
Ethics and the Catholic Church
The norm of morality
The theory of consequentialism

Chapter 2: The Morality of Human Acts
Elements determining morality
Principles for judging morality
Conditions affecting morality
Cautions regarding moral judgment
Occasions of sin

Chapter 3: Law and Conscience
Propertis of the natural law
The Ten Commandments
Types of conscience
Obligations relative to conscience

Chapter 4: The Twofold of Double Effect
Four necessary conditions
Application of the principle

Chapter 5: Moral Guides and Axoms
The rule of ordinary means
Ordinary vs. extraordinary means
Other moral guidelines

Chapter 6: The Morality of Cooperation
Formal cooperation
Material cooperation

Part II: Medical Moral Principles Applied

Chapter 7: Principles Relating to the Origin of Life
Types of contraception
Natural Family Planning
In Vitro Fertilization
Surrogate Motherhood
Artificial Insemination
Sterility testing / fertility drugs

Chapter 8: Principles Relating to the Taking of Life…
Induction of labor
Physician-assisted suicide
Narcotics to the dying
Advance medical directives

Chapter 9: Principles Relating to the Preservation of Life…
Mutilation / excision of organs
Artificial nutrition / hydration
Plastic surgery
Tissue / organ transplantation
Alcoholism / drug addiction

Part III: Spiritual Help For and With the Sick

Chapter 10: Never Forget the Spiritual
Thoughts on suffering
Prayers for the sick and dying






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