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Have you ever been asked a tough question about religion and didn't have a good answer ready?  You knew there probably was a good answer, but you didn't know what it was.  Well, here are the answers you have been looking for to some of the most difficult religious and moral questions of the day.  Not only are these replies clear and concise, but they contain hundreds of quotations from the Bible, authoritative Church documents, and many other reliable and persuasive sources.

"Catholic Replies has been one of my favorite short columns in recent years.  I've been impressed by its balance and careful research.  Glad to see it now in book format."
– John F. Kippley, President, The Couple to Couple League

"Mr Drummey's book addresses subjects that are both interesting and important to Catholics today.  It will be welcomed by those looking for reliable, carefully researched answers."
– Edith Myers, Writer for Catholic Publications

"In my work as an apologist, I've learned that the questions between these covers are the questions real Catholics ask.  Master the answers, and you'll be able to satisfy any inquirer."
– Karl Keating, Author, Catholicism and Fundamentalism

"To respond to varied Faith questions week after week in a Catholic paper requires a person of faith, orthodoxy, and of considerable knowledge.  James Drummey admirably fulfills that task.  I am pleased his work will now appear in book form because it will be a valuable reference."
– Albert J. Nevins, M.M., Author, Catholicism:  The Faith of Our Fathers

"Relaxed and readable, James Drummey's book provides authentic Catholic doctrine as well as practical advice.  A perfect companion to the Catholic Catechism."
– Joan Wester Anderson, Author, Where Miracles Happen

Table of Contents:

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
Sacred Scripture
Church and Papacy
Salvation and Ecumenism
Catholic Prayers and Practices
Mary, Angels, and Saints
The Last Things
The Sacraments
The Holy Eucharist
The Sacred Liturgy
Christian Marriage
On Human Life
Christian Morality
Miscellaneous Matters


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