Catholic Morality: The Battle for America's Soul


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Michael Cumbie  —

America is under serious attack. Yet more alarming than terrorism or even possible assault from some foreign power, is the virtual collapse of traditional mortality in our beloved country. Homosexual marriage, abortion, euthanasia and the other moral evils we find ourselves resisting are all rooted in the rejection of God’s law. How then can we restore America’s greatness and, more importantly, save souls from possible damnation?

Setting The Record Straight
Sincerely seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance, Michael Cumbie came to the stark realization that something was missing from his life of faith as an evangelical Protestant pastor. His search for doctrinal, spiritual and liturgical fulfillment led him down a winding road onto the doorstep of the Catholic Church. It was here that Michael finally found the unadulterated doctrine and authentic worship he inwardly craved. In Catholicism Michael also discovered the answer to save America from its “anything goes” mentality: unchanging truth.

In the exciting three-CD series, the popular Catholic evangelist relates what must be done to bring rapid restoration to our country and to our beloved Church. You’ll learn why Catholics must rediscover the fundamental lesson that we are to reflect the image and likeness of the Creator. And how this is our only hope to transform a society destined for disaster, and also to rescue souls from the wrong path leading to perdition.

Be A Catalyst For Renewal
Catholic Morality: The Battle for America’s Soul presents proven principles and Godly guidance to renew and recharge your moral life in Christ. Only by fearlessly embracing all of Jesus’ saving message, can you become an effective catalyst for renewal both in society and the Church. Michael Cumbie’s edifying talks provide all the necessary guidelines for believers to carefully navigate through the difficult waters of explosive moral issues. Purchase your copy of this important series today and begin conforming every aspect of your life according to Christ’s teaching.

How the basis of all morality is that man was created in God’s image and likeness
Why free will designates us as “moral beings”
What determines a properly formed Catholic conscience
Why the Ten Commandments are the basic foundation of all mortality
Why sin disfigures the Godly image of our soul and can jeopardize our eternal destiny
How human reason or the natural moral law can manifest the Divine Law
Which “rights” are truly human rights and which are actually an abomination of God’s law
Who were the leading modern influences advocating deviant moral behavior
Why the Church views homosexual inclination as a objective moral disorder
Why it is important to distinguish what someone does from what someone is
What are “extraordinary means” according to Catholic teaching

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