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  A CATHOLIC DICTIONARY is one of the most valuable Catholic books ever published and is a goldmine of information, with over 5000 entries explained briefly, clearly and authoritatively, all in an easy-to-use format. This famous book focuses on the essentials of each topic, giving facts, definitions and the traditional teaching, making clear distinctions, without confusing the issues with speculation. trendy opinions, compromise or dissent.

This book went through several editions starting in 1931 and continuing through 1961. A few footnotes have been added to reflect developments since that time, but for the most part, the book is timeless, giving a deep understanding of and appreciation for the Church's magnificent structure, traditions and precise terminology. Entries include:


  • Celibacy of Clergy – Islam – Byzantine Rite – Infallibility – Hair-shirt – Halo – Capital Punishment – Just Price – Sin against the Holy Ghost – Contemplation – Calvinism – Soul – Genesis – Wife – Husband – Democracy  -Jansenism – Anathema – Conjugal Rights – Heresy – Devil – Apocrypha – Consecration at Mass – Pantheism – Conscience – Rights of Animals – Rheims-Douay Bible – Witchcraft – Private Interpretation – Invocation of Saints – Deaconess – Paganism – Imprimatur


A Catholic Dictionary puts the reader in touch with the true traditions of the Catholic Church and is easily worth its price many times over! A superb reference, this book amazingly supplies answers on a host of topics and covers a wide range of potential users, from parents and students in the home, to parish priests, to professors in tile academic fields. It is a work that should be readily available in every Catholic home, school and parish in the English-speaking world.

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