Butler's Lives Of The Saints: Complete Standard Edition


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Butler’s Lives of the Saints – the Complete Standard Edition – in Four Volumes

This monumental work was first compiled in the 18th century by Alban Butler and was later partially revised by Herbert Thurston, S.J., early in the 20th century. When Father Thurston’s death interrupted work on the second revision, the massive editorial undertaking was assumed by the noted English scholar and hagiographer Donald Attwater, who spent a decade of research and editing in expanding the present edition. This four-volume edition traces its copyright back to 1956 unchanged. Donald Attwater’s work brought the total of staints to 2,565 compared to the original 1,486. The underlying theme is that of Christian love, a love willing to undergo great sacrifices for the sake of God and neighbor. A theologian finds on every page living witness to the central truths of the Christian faith.

A monumental and classic work!