Booked for Life: The Bibliographic Memoir Of An Accidental Apologist


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“Whatever I have learned,” writes Karl Keating, “I have learned from masters of the craft.”

In this delightful and engaging memoir, the father of the modern Catholic apologetics movement traces his life’s work through the wisdom he has borrowed from twenty-five books written by “masters” both famous and obscure. 

In delightful prose bearing Karl’s trademark erudition, precision, and wit, Booked for Life mixes anecdote and reflection with theological observations and prescriptions from nearly forty years engaged in defense of the Faith.

If you're interested in learning Catholic Apologetics, Karl himself will tell you, as he did above, that the best way to learn is from the masters of the craft.

Pick up a copy of Booked for Life and learn from one of the true masters of our generation.


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