Book of Gospels: Standard Edition


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Since the time of Saint Gregory the Great, formal liturgical books containing readings from Sacred Scripture have been common in the Church. Today every effort is made to assure that the Scriptures are bound in books which are “worthy, dignified, and beautiful” (Lectionary for Mass, no. 35).

The Book of the Gospels a sign of Christ’s presence in the liturgy; so much so that it is revered with the same holy kiss given to the altar. For this reason, it is desirable that “cathedrals and… more populous parishes and the churches with a larger attendance possess a beautifully designed Book of the Gospels, separate from any other book of readings” (Lectionary for Mass, no. 36).

This Second Edition of The Book of the Gospels is certain to meet and keep the standards set centuries ago.

Features of this new Edition of The Book of the Gospels include:

  • reinforced spine
  • lighter binding (2 lbs lighter than the first edition)
  • readings from the newly revised New American Bible
  • Gospel readings for all Sunday Masses in the three year cycle, all Solemnities, all Feasts of the Lord, and all Ritual Masses
  • table of readings
  • more than 300 full-color pictures from the Church’s treasury of fine art
  • large font size (enlarged from the first edition) and sense lines
  • high-opacity paper to prevent images and text from bleeding through
  • large, ornate place-holder ribbon
  • cover featuring Christ and the four Evangelists embossed on a metal plate in the Cathedral Edition and gold-stamped into the leather of the Standard Edition
  • gold-stamped leather endsheets and gilded pages
  • handcrafted in Belgium

The Book of the Gospels will be esteemed among the treasures of your parish for years to come.

Rindspeldt Genuine Leather, trim: 9.75 x 13


Dimensions9.75 × 13 in

Leather Bound