Blessed Are the Stressed: Secrets to a Happy Heart from a Crabby Mystic


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Why does the search for happiness feel so elusive-just beyond our reach? How can we find true happiness in our often complicated and stressful lives? Let the crabby mystic show you how blessed are the stressed, grouchy, and grumpy-for they too can learn the secrets of a happy heart! We can be our true selves and follow Jesus in the world today.

Blessed Are the Stressed can help you find the opportunities for deeper happiness that lurk all around you. Best-selling author Sr. Mary Lea Hill helps you delve deeper into the beatitudes, our special passageways to joy, and unlocks their secrets for a happy life. You will find yourself smiling, if not laughing out loud, at her unique insights into the would-be blessings hidden in the ups and downs of everyday life.

Down-to-earth and insightful, this latest volume from the author of Prayer and You: Wit and Wisdom from a Crabby Mystic can take you farther along the path of being more whole and holy, despite yourself!

Features & Benefits:

  • Down-to-earth style coupled with wisdom and wit
  • Reflections on each beatitude leading to a new and deeper understanding
  • Thought-provoking questions to help readers make honest life applications

About the Author:

Sister Mary Lea Hill has been sharing her dry wit and offbeat wisdom with the Daughters of St. Paul since 1964. An experienced writer and editor, she has written a number of books including Prayer and You: Wit and Wisdom from a Crabby Mystic. Sister Lea currently carries out the Pauline mission in St. Louis, Missouri, and shares her signature humor with the rest of the world on Twitter @crabbymystic.

What Are People Saying about this Title?

"Feeling stressed instead of blessed? Here's the perfect antidote. These short essays will make you nod your head in recognition-and maybe giggle-as they help you grow closer to the Lord." 
Melanie Rigney, author, Blessed Are You: Finding Inspiration from Our Sisters in Faith

"Who cannot love a crabby mystic? Mary Lea Hill, FSP, takes a warm and human approach to the Beatitudes with the clear-eyed recognition that, so far from being warm and gooey platitudes, they are the same road to happiness that Jesus walked. That is, they are part of his counter-intuitive call to find our life by losing it. The thing is, that really works and Blessed are the Stressed shows us how. Here is a book about finding joy in real life, not cloud cuckoo land. Read it and find happiness."
Mark P. Shea, author, Mary, Mother of the Son

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