The Blessed Eucharist: Our Greatest Treasure


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".The devil knows that, according to the promise Jesus Christ, they who receive Holy Communion worthily will not fall into his power but will obtain eternal life, and on this account he either tempts men to disbelieve the mystery, or he suggests every sort of pretext to keep them from receiving it. But he himself believes it and trembles. Would to God that all men had so strong a faith!" (Page 11).


"The object of this little book is, then, to make Jesus in the Blessed Eucharist more generally known and better loved." (Page x). Thus Fr. Michael Muller gives us the reasons why he has written this book-to increase our knowledge of and love for Jesus in the Blessed Eucharist. In the process he arrays before our minds every conceivable aspect of the Great Mystery of the Altar: the doctrine, Christ's love for us that made Him create this most beautiful Sacrament, why He veils Himself from us under the appearance of bread, how we should prepare ourselves for Holy Communion and how we should make thanksgiving thereafter. Plus, he sprinkles innumerable fascinating stories throughout, describing famous Eucharistic miracles, quoting from Scripture and the Saints, showing the virtues obtained from Communion worthily received and portraying the results of unworthily receiving Our Lord. He also exposes the phony excuses for not communicating frequently, describes what takes place in Heaven during Mass on earth, tells how the Angels gather round the altar at Mass, etc., etc.

All in all, The Blessed Eucharist-filled with the spirit of faith and holiness-is a fast-paced book of simply amazing insights into the nature and value of the Holy Eucharist that will surprise, delight and inspire everyone and will leave its readers with an immensely heightened appreciation for the divine wisdom and love which bequeathed to mankind this totally incredible gift.


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