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Benedict's Way: An Ancient Monk


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An excellent source for spiritual reading today, "Benedict's Way" is actually a collection of practical principles for living developed back in the sixth century. Devised by a monk named Benedict so that he and his fellow monks could grow together in Christian spirit, the Rule of St. Benedict continues to guide and nurture ordinary men and women today who seek to live a balanced spirituality.In 30 short chapters, authors Lonni Collins Pratt and Father Daniel Homan provide stories, reflections, prayers, and actions through which the reader can understand Benedict's principles and allow them to shape ordinary life. This small but powerful book can be used for personal retreat, spiritual reading, and general reflection.

"Benedict's Way combines the wisdom of St. Benedict's Rule with personal stories and commentary illustrating its applications today–a gem."
–John McQuiston II author of "Always We Begin Again: The Benedictine Way of Living " 

"Benedictine spirituality guides a wide variety of Christians each day. It offers measure and balance to the push and pull of ordinary life. Benedict's Way is a practical, contemporary guide for all who seek Christ."
–Abbot Leo M. Ryska, osb
St. Benedict's Abbey, Benet Lake, Wisconsin 

In the sixth century, a monk named Benedict devised a code of practical principles by which he and his fellow monks could live together and grow in Christian spirit. Centuries later, the Rule of St. Benedict continues to guide and nurture contemporary men and women who seek to live a balanced spirituality. This contemplative guide is for individuals of all faiths in search of timeless wisdom.

Table of Contents:


Acknowledgments x
What Is a Retreat, and How Could
One Be Valuable to Me? 1
Who Was St. Benedict, and How
Is He Relevant Today? 4
What Is a Rule, and How Could
One Be Useful? 8
How Can I Do My Own Retreat? 15
Who Are the Authors? 26

1. Listening 29
2. Prayer 37
3. Work 44
4. Stability 50
5. Chastity 57
6. Hospitality 64
7. Humility 71
8. Service 77
9. Learning 83
10. Reverence 90
11. Possessions 97
12. Responsibility 104
13. Reasonable Balance 111
14. Conversion of Life 117
15. Conflict 124
16. Friendship 130
17. Leadership 138
18. Community 145
19. Perseverance 153
20. Balance and Celebration 159
21. Joy 164
22. Simple Authenticity 170
23. Lectio Divina (Sacred Reading) 177
24. Wisdom 185
25. Spiritual Discipline 192
26. Obedience 198
27. Words 206
28. Pleasure 213
29. Marking Time 219
30. Listening Again 226
Suggested Reading 23

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