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Because God Is Real

Philosopher and prolific writer Peter Kreeft defends against attacks from atheists and agnostics in this work of popular apologetics aimed at both teens and adults. The masterful Kreeft tackles sixteen crucial issues about the deeper meaning of life, from “Is faith reasonable?,” Can you prove there is a God?”, and “Why is Jesus different?,” to “Why is sex so confusing?,” “Why is there evil?”, and “Why must we die?” An intellectual and spiritual feast, Because God is Real is ideal for those exploring faith for the first time, as well as for confirmation and religious education classes.


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Because God is Real – Sixteen Questions, One Answer

Kreeft provides thoughtful, lucid, and persuasive answers for believers, unbelievers, and seekers to consider. As always, his writing is insightful, inspiring, and entertaining, especially for those new to the faith or seeking to expand their current knowledge.

“The good news of the Gospel is as exciting as a murder mystery. For at its heart there is a murder: the murder of God two thousand years ago in Jerusalem. And this God is the greatest of mysteries: who He is and why He put us here, and why He came here and what His plans are for us. The story is literally a matter of life or death – eternal life or death.”
— Peter Kreeft

“Be ready to give a reason for the hope that is in you.”
— 1 Peter 3:15

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