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Beads and the Bible: Entering the Mysteries of Prayer


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Description:   Prayer is a many-splendored reality–a response to great happiness and great sadness in times of normalcy and times of great upheaval. What happens when we pray? What is this exercise of communion with our God?

This book addresses these questions and more by illuminating specific biblical passages for each mystery of the rosary, and helping the reader gain insight into the meaning of those texts and God's plan. It explores the use of the rosary, the mysteries, and the depth of God's love for us.

As we gain insight into the meaning of biblical texts and try to discover God's plan in a variety of events, we experience such a state of awe that we may be overwhelmed with not being able to clearly see God's plans. As our love for God grows, we feel we are incapable of expressing such great love in simple terms.

Prayer and the mystery of the rosary provide us a channel to communicate this pure love. This book gives the reader a chance to explore the mysteries of the rosary and examine various dimensions and aspects of prayer.


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