Anabasis Ebook Study Guide: by Fran Rutherford


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Do you know the story of the 10,000 Greek soldiers who were left stranded in the hostile land of Persia?  This is history-telling at its best, an adventure for all to read and marvel at.  Let this Questions for the Thinker Ebook Study Guide© help you navigate the long march of these brave men through deserts and mountains behind enemy lines.

This Question for the Thinker Anabasis Study Guide uses the Socratic method of a question and answer format to guide the high school student through this classical work.  After a brief introduction about the author and the work, in the first half of the book questions are provided to help the student understand the text.  The second half of the book has the answers to the questions.

At the end of many of the chapters are Questions for Further Thought™  which help the student think beyond the text.  Many of the questions are designed to help the student either apply the lessons learned or to think about how his beliefs contrast with those presented.  There are also Vocabulary Words to Know to help expand the student's vocabulary.

This book is available in the Teacher's Edition here, and in the Student Book (without answers) here.


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