Altar Gang Skiff and AJ's Fantastic Voyage

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The Altar Gang's first video — a pro-life adventure which will capture your children's imaginations for life!

What’s better than being an explorer, or being a captain of your very own spaceship? Not much, according to AJ! AJ, an aspergillum bored by everything but his own daydreams, is taken on an unexpected journey by his friend, Skiff, a vibrant incense boat who loves to live.

Skiff decides to turn AJ’s love for adventure into a quest that will take them into the great unknown of a woman’s womb – and into the presence of God’s greatest gift: life!

Will AJ learn to appreciate the adventure of really living? Will the dynamic duo ever muster enough power to break out of the womb and return home to their garage? Only a fantastic voyage will tell!

BONUS: Includes bonus material about the miracle of baby-life from a doctor's perspective as he explains it to young children!

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