Along the Way: Lessons for an Authentic Journey of Faith

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Along the Way
Lessons for an Authentic Journey of Faith
Randy Hain

A Journey from the Spiritual Wilderness to an Integrated Catholic Life:

Randy Hain's second book explores conversion, faith, prayer, peace, and stewardship from an uniquely integrated Catholic life perspective. "We are not able to tackle everything at once, so let's make it simple and focus on what we can do. We need to work on ourselves and pursue lives of personal holiness" writes Hain.

Catholic life is not easy, especially in our contemporary society that views Christian beliefs in subjective and relativistic terms. As Christians, we cannot simply stand on the sidelines and watch. This book presents hot button Catholic topics such as materialism, life issues, reconciliation, charity and much more. Though these topics emerge from Hain's personal experience, he applies them concretely to individual and community life within the Church.

Along the Way is an excellent source for spiritual and human enrichment, and can be used for personal reading or faith sharing groups.


"Even a pagan like Socrates knew that 'the unexamined life is not worth living.' Augustine showed us how to make such an examination in God's presence. And Randy Hain shows us how to do it in the modern world, as a spouse and parent." –Mike Aquilina,   EWTN Host and author of over 30 books on Catholic history, doctrine and devotion – June 5, 2012


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