Adoring Angel Pair of Spanish Statues



This stunning and finely detailed pair of adoring angel statues is made of wood paste with glass eyes. Meticulously hand made in Spain using the same process from when the company started in 1880. It is hand-painted with oil colours so no two statues will look exactly the same. Notice the incredible attention to detail on every part of the statue. A true work of art!

These angels come with small candlesticks that will hold standard size candles or candles that can be trimmed down to fit.

We do not recommend burning candles on the candleholders. The wax will ruin the finish on the statues.

Some pictures are for different quality finishes. Please read the finish explanation guide before purchasing.

Each statue is made to order and delivery time usually takes 3 to 6 months. Refunds are not available because each statue is custom made for you.