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Adoption: 10 Most Asked Questions

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"Adoption: 10 Most Asked Questions" This attractive and easy to read brochure answers ten of the most asked questions from birth mothers who are considering adoption. An excellent starting point for those wondering 'Is adoption for me?'

  • How can adoption be good for my baby and me?
  • Can I choose a family for my baby?
  • How much contact can I have with my baby after birth and after adoption?
  • How soon after birth can my baby go to the parents I choose?
  • How much will my child know about me?
  • Does the father have any rights?
  • Will my child have information about his or her birth father?
  • Can my child find me if he or she wants to search someday?
  • How can I be sure my child will not be neglected or abused?
  • Do I need an attorney or do I pay my agency to assist me with the adoption?