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Abandonment to Divine Providence (CD)


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For more than 250 years, this simple classic of inspiration has guided readers to the open-hearted acceptance of God's will that is the only path to serenity, peace and true happiness.

Fr. Caussade's "Abandonment to Divine Providence" is a book for all those who truly seek God. The spiritual tone is set by two saints: St. Francis De Sales and St. John of the Cross. Another major source of inspiration were Caussade's penitents, the nuns of the visitation.

Fr. Caussade refers to the Salesian teaching of self-abandonment and simplicity along with the Carmelite emphasis on grace as a dynamic force that enlightens and cleanses the soul.  When speaking of death to self, he refers to "abandonment" "trust"  and "acquiesce."  Such abandonment can only come through repeated acts.  Fr. Caussade is adamant to teach that this abandonment to God's will is the duty of every Christian.

On 4 CDs.

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