95 Questions for Protestants: Points to Ponder During the 500 Year Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation...and Beyond


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What is truth?

This question has haunted mankind throughout the ages. Its significance is most pronounced in the ultimate question of truth as it pertains to faith. Since the time of the Protestant Reformation, there continues to emerge a multitude of Protestant and non-denominational churches, all claiming to accurately represent that truth. What if you could sift through the claims and eventually come to know the truth on virtually all doctrines that divide the truth, as Christ taught his apostles?

In this book, you will:

* See doctrine at its inception via the writings of the early Church

* Learn the truth about urban legends promulgated by opponents of Catholicism

* Discover critical information that may have had an impact on Martin Luther’s “reformation” movement

* Find out how to discern truth as it pertains to current social issues

* Know Jesus in a deeper, more personal way by seeing all he taught his disciples

May reading this book be the beginning of your journey of discovery into the fullness of Truth that is found in the Catholic Church.

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