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39 New Saints You Should Know


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39 New Saints You Should Know by Brian O'Neel


Foreword by Joseph Pearce

Pope John Paul II canonized or beatified such a staggering number of people—well over fifteen hundred—that many of them remain as obscure after receiving their new title as they were before. If you have never heard of Bartolo Longo, the former satanic priest, you are not alone. And what about Enrico Rebuschini, who battled depression? Or the happily married Luigi and Maria Beltrame-Quattrocchi?

In lively detail, Brian O'Neel tells the stories of these and more, a number of who are our near-contemporaries and coped with such horrors as Nazism (Jakob Gapp, Maria Restituta Kafka), slavery (Josephine Bakhita) or the Spanish Civil War (Vincente David Vilar).

Amazing stories of ordinary human beings who demonstrate that holiness is not another word for boring, but a defining characteristic of those who threw themselves wholeheartedly into the adventure of life.

About the author (courtesy of Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle)
Brian O'Neel is a husband and father of six living in central Wisconsin. A Catholic writer and editor, he has edited books by Francis Cardinal Arinze, Archbishop Jose Gomez, and Archbishop Fulton Sheen (Archbishop Fulton Sheen's St. Thérèse), as well as the best seller, Go to Joseph by the late Fr. Richard Gilsdorf. As a journalist, he has written over 150 articles for mostly Catholic periodicals. For 15 years, Brian also worked in politics on several US and state Senate races, on Capitol Hill, and in the California State Legislature, where he focused on pro-family and budget issues. It was in his capacity as a political aide and writer that Brian helped write the third to last speech ever given by late President Ronald Reagan. In addition, he has served as guest host on radio programmes such as The Eric Hogue Show in Sacramento. As a side endeavor, he leads groups on affordable pilgrimages to Rome (see for more information).


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