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Year of the Priest Updates from Aquinas and More

The jubilee Year of the Priest begins on June 19, as we have mentioned before. Are you ready?


We recently added a couple new articles about the year. We hope you enjoy reading them:

To read our introductory article on the Year of the Priest, go here.

To read our article on the plenary indulgence for the Year of the Priest, go here.

We're working to provide you with more information, and Catholic products, related to the jubilee year. To browse our current offerings, we suggest a visit to our Year of the Priest specialty store.

Since this is, among other things, a year to honor priests and the importance of the priestly ministry in the Church, why not consider letting the priests in your parish know how much you appreciate the work that they had dedicated their lives to – taking care of the People of God and helping us get to Heaven. Sometimes the simplest things are the best things – we sell cards for priests – appreciation cards, birthday cards and anniversary of ordination cards.

Of course, if you'd like to make a more grand gesture of thanks and appreciation, almost every priest we know can certainly use an extra clerical shirt or two. We carry one of the largest selections to be found anywhere. To view our clergy shirt selection, go here.

Just be sure to get father's shirt size ahead of time. Parish secretaries can be really helpful with that!

My sister is fond of saying that you have to tell your loved ones that you do love them, otherwise they might just wonder. The same goes for our priests. Have you told the priests in your life how much you appreciate them? If not, they might just wonder.

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  1. Please let me know when the The Parish Book of Chant is available. Thank you.

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