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Worth a Few Minutes of Your Time

If you didn't hear about this prior to the election, I'm sure you're not alone. One of the first things Obama has promised to do once he gets into office is to sign the Freedom of Choice Act. Not only would this act get rid of any current restrictions and limitations on abortion, it could also threaten to disallow hospitals that currently refuse to do abortions on religious grounds from refusing, among other things. Basically, everything that the pro-life movement has been working for over the past 35 years is in danger of being overturned if FOCA is successful.

Just because Obama was elected president does not mean that the pro-life movement can just give up and stop fighting for abortion to become illegal one day. Working to make sure that FOCA does not get signed into law is a great way to keep the movement going. To that end, there is a website, Fight FOCA, which is trying to get as many signatures as possible to show that this is not something we want in America. I encourage everyone to visit the site, sign the petition, and even donate if you feel so inclined. Signing is quick and easy, and the more people that sign, the more of an impact it will have.

Now is not the time to get complacent and passive about the fight against abortion. Signing a petition might not seem like much, but it's something, and it could be something that will make a difference. So go do it!

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