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Saint Thomas Aquinas

Win St. Thomas Aquinas’ Meditations for Lent

Looking for a perfect guide to your Lenten meditations? Aquinas and More has the solution! Meditations For Lent is a daily companion to prayers and meditations from Saint Thomas Aquinas. Follow along with Saint Thomas through all forty days of this penitential season, as he discusses key passages of Scripture and comments on the lessons to be learned. Each day features a theme rooted in Scripture and profound insight from one of the Catholic Church's greatest theologians.

Meditations for Lent by St. Thomas Aquinas
Meditations for Lent by St. Thomas Aquinas

Not only that, but in celebration of the feast of Saint Thomas, Aquinas and More is giving away A FREE COPY of Meditations For Lent! Just comment here and you'll be entered into the drawing. Two lucky winners will be notified and receive this excellent Lenten companion.

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  1. I love going to Stations of the Cross every Friday.

  2. I love the fasting aspect of Lent.

  3. I try to rededicate myself to Liturgy of the Hours during Lent.

  4. I love finding some one everyday to be thankful for and praying for that person.

  5. Stations of the Cross because of its act as a communal prayer!

  6. I love attending weekly stations Of the cross!

  7. I enjoy Fr. Barron’s daily reflections!

  8. I have not found a particular lenten devotion that I have consistently used. Some years we get to stations every Friday, some years we don’t. Some years I am prayerful, some years I simply do not seem to be able to be consistent at all. So far this liturgical year, I have felt like I am in the desert. Perhaps Lent will bring me to more consistent prayer this year.

  9. I like to use “The Little Way of Lent” by Fr. Gary Caster with my sons to remind them that the way we do things is more important than what we do.

  10. I love reflecting on the Stations of the Cross

  11. I like the stations of the cross.

  12. KarenMinahan Grant

    I like the stations of the cross, but I also like to do a Jesus Tree with scripture readings with my children.

  13. Stations of the Cross

  14. As a single mom of 5 (1 deployed), I could use the guidance and wisdom of St. Thomas during this Lent. Thank you for the opportunity. Pax.

  15. Looking forward to the opportunity of acquiring this for Lent to help me continue my walk with The Lord. The Lord is good all the time. Consecrated my life to Our Lady and She’s organizing my life and I thank Her. I’m so happy beyond words can tell that my daughter finally baptized my three grandchildren 6,7,9 years old after saying she would never do it but Holy Spirit always finds a way to the hearts. Don’t stop prayers, they do work and putting Jesus first in our lives. I thank all the Angels and my brothers and sisters in Heaven the Saints for all their prayers as well. Blessings!

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