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Why You Should Read Wish You Were Here This Summer

We invited the authors and publishers of our Catholic summer reading selections to send us short posts explaining why their titles were worthy of your time this summer. If you haven't already voted on your top three selections, go do that now.

Johanna from Image Books had this to say about Wish You Were Here:

Though penned through the heart of a grieving woman and the sadness that is hers after the sudden death of her husband – Wish You Were Here cannot only be described as a book about loss and mourning. Instead, the realness and transparency with which Amy shares the journey of her life in the aftermath of something so unexpected makes this book an encouraging read in all the right ways.

You’ll experience the smells, sights, wonders, sounds, and majesty of Italy without leaving your chair (perhaps the cheapest vacation you’ll take this year!) You’ll feel Amy’s pain as she longs for time with her husband and making memories that he won’t be a part of — and yet you’ll smile when you see, through her eyes, how God can reveal life in its fullest in the smallest and most unexpected circumstances. You’ll learn spiritual insights and be hit between the eyes with promises of God through Scripture in gentle and loving ways. And you’ll be reminded that sometimes all we really need is faith the size of a mustard seed to make it through another day (Luke 17:6).

Her book reminds us to do the things we too often forget to do in everyday life: cherish every hug, every kiss, and every conversation; treat others lovingly and respectfully; don’t be afraid to try new things; and keep close in heart and mind that God is always in control and his plans are perfect.  It’s like Life’s Little Instruction Book full of much-needed faith-filled reminders, put into the form of beautiful and lyrical writing, set against the backdrop of life’s most amazing moments and some of earth’s most beautiful places.


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