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Why You Should Read What to do When Jesus is Hungry

We invited the authors and publishers of our Catholic summer reading selections to send us short posts explaining why their titles were worthy of your time this summer. If you haven't already voted on your top three selections, go do that now.

Ignatius Press recommends What to do When Jesus is Hungry for your summer conversation. Here's why:

How many Catholics today know what the Corporal Works of Mercy are? How many know what the Spiritual Works of Mercy are? And how many know how to integrate these works into daily life in a practical manner? Fr. Andrew Apostoli is here to help. As a member of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, Fr. Apostoli lives these Works of Mercy every day, and he knows how physical and spiritual needs go hand in hand.

This book is an essential primer on how to deepen your own spiritual life at the same time as uplifting those around you—the poor, the spiritually needy, the sick, the dying. As Fr. Apostoli says, “”The works of mercy provide us with the opportunity to let every person know he is a child of God and a brother in Christ. From the works of mercy will emerge a community of love and peace centered on Christ.”

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