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Why You Should Read Childless This Summer

We invited the authors and publishers of our Catholic summer reading selections to send us short posts explaining why their titles were worthy of your time this summer. If you haven't already voted on your top three selections, go do that now.

Emmaus Road explains why Childless makes perfect reading this summer:

With today’s ethical boundaries all but vacated in the life sciences and Obama’s war on the Church, the progressive’s culture of death movement has seeped into the mind of a nation—contraceptives, in-vitro fertilization, embryonic stem cell testing, abortifacients, even transhumanist experimentations. Childless throws back the veil on those explosive and very personal issues in the lives of its characters, and shows the consequences of doing nothing to stem its tide.

Are you’re looking forward to lose yourself in an enthralling summer’s novel? Something breathtaking and fast-moving? A character driven plot where characters grow and change, some for the better and others for the worse? A passionate tale of love, hope and salvation that brings a new texture to Catholic fiction? Best-selling author Brian Gail has much more on his mind than religious beliefs. Childless recounts a chain of events that shatter everything that we perceive as stable. This futuristic novel is enjoyably hilarious and deadly serious, vividly specific and strikingly universal. It’s a tantalizing read of intrigue and personal growth, but the growth comes through pain. It isn't glamorous. Gail’s characters are vetted and tested with bold obstacles masquerading as trouble-free solutions. Every choice, we learn, has its consequence. Several interlocking narratives propel readers from Manhattan boardrooms to European capitals to Middle East laboratories to Church chanceries and confessionals. This enthralling novel casts a web of dangerous relationships with murky pasts, lives about to splinter into a thousand fragments, brutal and unscrupulous rich and powerful global kingpins full of secrets, resentments, and divided loyalties, good families awash in evil, lonely widowers, elegant and ruthless businessmen, a Catholic priest who begins weak and ends strong. This is a rare book in its visceral portrayal of its characters. We don’t empathize with them all, but we will slip into someone’s skin and share their agony. A rare summer read that will keep you riveted till your bones ache!


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