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Why You Should Own a Copy of the Compendium of the Catechism

Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church
  1. You're Catholic. The Q and A format is hard-coded into your DNA.
  2. For the great art.
  3. Because learning the Faith in 200 pages sounds much less daunting than in 900 pages.
  4. Because the subtitle of this book is really "Baltimore Catechism Number 4" and you have been waiting for this volume since 1956.
  5. Because there just wasn't enough in the Companion to the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
  6. Because the title is so long it MUST be a good book.
  7. Because there are 43 letters in the title and 4+3=7 and there are seven Sacraments. Wasn't it obvious?
  8. Reader's Digest has been too slow in putting out a condensed version of the Catechism.
  9. To use as Cliff's Notes for the CCDB.
  10. To complete your collection (for now) of every book that Pope Benedict has written, written the forward to or looked at.

(Apologies to American Papist)

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  1. Love the list, it made me smile. Thanks!

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