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Why We Never Have Sold Chinese Products

A couple of weeks ago China officially announced that it was keeping it's “One Child Policy.” You know, the national policy where women who get pregnant more than once are either heavily fined or forced to abort their children. This has also lead to the infanticide of female babies leaving China with a very unnatural male / female ratio.

From the National Catholic Register comes another story of an 8-month old baby aborted against the parents' wishes:

After running afoul of China’s One Child policy, a Chinese couple expected to be hit with a fine. But instead, officials demanded that the woman — who was in the eighth month of her pregnancy — have an abortion, according to a new Al Jazeera report.

I don't care how nice the working conditions are at the Catholic statue factory or how much we are improving the standard of living for those painting porcelain night lights, we will never sell Chinese products as long as China has it's barbaric one-child policy and keeps persecuting Christians.


  1. Please let me know when the The Parish Book of Chant is available. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for this article. I can promise you that Harvey House Publishing will always, always print their books in the USA. Period.

  3. You do know that most of the books and Bibles by Ignatius Press are printed in China right?

    • Could you please provide some examples? I just picked up over 20 books and Bibles from Ignatius and checked the copyright page and all are either printed in the USA, Korea or Malta. At one time they were having one Bible printed in China but that one is now being printed in Korea.

  4. According to an article about Ignatius Press the California Catholic Daily wrote in 2009, “Much of the work of the press is done elsewhere – printing in Michigan, order taking in Colorado…”


  5. you need to check with Donald Trump. seriously. he builds and purchases so many things and he said just yesterday that even he has trouble finding things that are not produced by china. people best wake up and smell the coming communism!

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