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Why We Don’t Sell Chinese Products (reason 38,523)

A Chinese bookstore owner who was taken into custody and accused of printing Bibles to give to local house church congregations has been sentenced to three years in prison and fined nearly $22,000, according to a report from Compass Direct.

The report said a Beijing court today delivered the guilty verdict in the trial of Shi Weihan on allegations he ran an “illegal business operation.”

WND has reported on the case since the businessman's original arrest, including when a report came out last year that even his friends hardly recognized him because of the deterioration of his health while in jail awaiting court proceedings.

But hey, stuff costs less when it comes from there and they basically own our country because of all the debt we keep selling them so why not buy Catholic products from there, too?

Next time you're shopping for Catholic stuff, ask yourself why a Catholic store would sell Catholic products from a country that regularly persecutes Christians.

H/T World Net Daily


  1. So, Ian, does you do any kind of avoiding China in your family spending, like clothes or food? I am curious, because your posts have really made me think about this. (even more than I was thinking about it already)

  2. We check all the clothes, shoes and food we buy as best we can. We have found that avoiding Chinese clothes is still possible but kids shoes are almost universally made in China so we buy used whenever we can.

    We don’t buy toys from China unless they are used. We also try to avoid any other Chinese products that we can but have found that it just isn’t possible to avoid China at all times.

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